5 Star Reviews 

Jenni Phillips

I took my daughter along to see Heather after her tutor suggested I get her tested for dyslexia. We found Heather to be very professional yet very approachable, and my daughter felt very comfortable going through the various tests. As we had just missed the deadline for the Access Arrangements for the AQE test, Heather very kindly put a preliminary report together for us to send in. When we received the full report it was very detailed and professional, with suggestions given by Heather my daughter is now getting the extra help she needs. I would definitely recommend Forge Dyslexia Support.

Tim Mason

We cannot recommend Heather Rowan highly enough for her help with our son whose dyslexia left him struggling to sound out and read even easy words but who was, however, unable to access Board teaching support for his dyslexia. Because of Heather's enthusiastic and compassionate teaching and support, our son has become a confident reader and more focussed learner, armed with the tools to help himself where needed. Importantly, he is more confident generally. Thank you Heather for everything!

Marian Farrell

We had our son assessed by Heather in Feb 2017. We decided to use her services because from the first phone inquiry Heather was very professional, caring and genuinely interested in the issues we were experiencing. The assessment was undertaken in a comfortable environment which put our son at ease, which along with Heather's friendly approach made the assessment process fun and enjoyable for him. The report was thorough and well laid out, explaining all of her findings. She also provided time to discuss the report, its conclusions and offered advice to assist our son in the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Heather to anyone considering this assessment. Many Thanks Heather.

Phillip McGhee

Without going into to much detail. You will have experienced the same as myself I'm sure. Struggled through school and being called things like stupid then leaving school with little to no qualifications. Then in your work place you are dreading the paperwork. (That takes so long to do) And in general going through life with very little confidence holding yourself back from promotions and bettering yourself in your career. Well thank God that Dyslexia is now well recognized and supported. And with most companies/businesses they are prepared to support you with your Dyslexia.
So let me take this opportunity to highly recommend Forge Dyslexia Support Services. Heather was very understanding and supportive through the whole assessment. I found her approach and presentation very comfortable (she made me feel good about myself as we went through the assessment).
Heather was at all times professional, knowledgeable you could see she was experienced, I am glad I found her. After the assessment I was very impressed with Heather's results. This was a 17 page comprehensive detailed report in which I was very pleased. For the first time in my life I feel I am normal like everybody else, and can only go from strength to strength now.
Heather has given me a small booklet/document that I can use in my everyday life supporting my strengths and weakness. It is simply a correct analysis of processes on how my brain processes information. (So Yea I'm not stupid) my brain just has a different operating system than most people.
So there you have it. Many many big thanks to Heather you are a million in one, 5 STAR and more. 
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Ross James

I had a full diagnostic dyslexia assessment performed by Heather in Forge Dyslexia and learnt that I did not have dyslexia. Heather was very friendly but at the same time professional in her approach which put me at ease and I actually really enjoyed the experience. After a short wait I received a very comprehensive report with detailed results which Heather fully explained to me. I got what I paid for, high quality testing with a very professional report at the end of it. Money well spent!

Diane Boyle

Having had a poor, in school dyslexic assessment, to try to attain Special Access Arrangements for my daughter, i decided to pursue it privately myself , through Forge Dyslexia Support Services.
The assessment was very thorough and in depth , covering all aspects of dyslexic learning difficulties and included recall and speed of information processing . Among other things these were two of my daughters greatest weaknesses, and the results were astonishing . Her difficulties have now been recognised by her school and she receives access arrangements, including extra time.

Svitlana Prokopenko Charbib 

Heather is a highly professional dyslexia assessor. She can carry out a very detail assessment and recommend appropriate strategies, based on areas of strengths and targeting areas of difficulties. I would recommend Heather’s service.