Bespoke Learning Programmes

Just as each individual has their own needs, each learns best according to their own learning preferences and strengths.

Some are predominantly visual learners, while others are stronger learners when hearing or listening. Still others learn best by moving objects or participating in speaking, role play activities.

We often learn best when we combine all these modes. That’s what we call multi-sensory teaching and learning.


At FORGE DYSLEXIA SUPPORT SERVICES, multi-sensory phonics-based teaching methods are used, combining the visual, aural, tactile and kinaesthetic senses to reinforce the learning.

This means one learning session could involve learning to spell a particular family of words by:


  • Pronouncing awkward sounds by listening to a CD

  • Choosing correct letters from a magnetic board to spell word


  • Using tray of sand or flour to handwrite letters of word


  • Spelling the word by writing giant letters of word in the air


  • Handwriting family of words on paper


  • Writing family of words on computer using a variety of different fonts and colours


At FORGE DYSLEXIA SUPPORT SERVICES, depending on the learner’s strengths and abilities, a wide range of teaching methods and resources can be used to ensure the learner benefits and enjoys the teaching session.  I want the learning process to be enjoyable, positive and successful. The learner’s needs will always be at the core of every session.

Further Advanced Learning Programmes

Given my experience of teaching both adults through Essential Skills and supporting university students at undergraduate level, I am well placed to provide more advanced learning programmes and study skills.

Support can be given in the following area​s:

  • Revision & study skills

  • Improving reading comprehension

  • Making spelling easier 

  • Grammar review

  • Exam preparation

  • Time management

  • Sentence structure

  • Improving creative writing

  • Essay writing

  • Notetaking

  • Mind mapping

  • Organisational skills