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What Is Dyslexia?

Before we get into more detail about our services and what exactly we offer. We need to understand, what is dyslexia? 


Contrary to popular misconception, dyslexia is not only about literacy, although weaknesses in literacy are often the most visible sign. Dyslexia affects the way information is processed, stored and retrieved, with problems of memory, speed of processing, time perception, organisation, and sequencing. There are many different indicators of dyslexia. It could be to do with written work, reading, numeracy, timekeeping, skills, and behaviours. If you or your child exhibit a number of these traits, it is recommended that you have a full dyslexia assessment conducted. Contact us today to get booked in.

From Dyslexia Tutoring To Assessments

Here’s What We Provide

Dyslexia Tutoring

Here at Forge Dyslexia Support Services, we offer bespoke learning programmes for people having issues with dyslexia. Everyone has their own needs and their own learning preferences, each learning at their own pace. Whether that be visual learners or learning by listening or hearing. We often learn best when combining all methods, that's why we offer the multi-sensory teaching and learning method.


Depending on the learner’s strengths and abilities, a wide range of teaching methods and resources can be used to ensure the learner benefits and enjoys the teaching session.  We want the learning process to be enjoyable, positive, and successful. The learner’s needs will always be at the core of every session. That's why our lessons vary on you or your child, whichever way is going to be best for you to learn we will accommodate. So, one learning session could be pronouncing awkward sounds by listening to a CD or a lesson could be writing family of words on a computer using a variety of fonts and colours. Contact us today for more information.


Dyslexia Assessment

You wonder if you're dyslexic and what you can do about it? A diagnosis could make your life or your child's life so much easier. There are so many points of view when it comes to dyslexia, whether you're a parent and you need to understand why your child is struggling in school or you need to know yourself so you can move forward at work. The main four are parents, yourself, employers, and students. See below what the dyslexia assessment will involve and how it could help you.

Please note - 

You should give a copy of the report to the relevant professional, depending on your current situation (e.g. school, further education, employment).

This report will be valid for five years, so care should be taken in its safe storage.


What Does A Dyslexia Assessment Involve?

Firstly, there is no need to worry, the assessment is to see where you're at and it isn't an exam. You will initially be asked to complete a short questionnaire, giving background information about:

  • your physical and educational development as a child

  • your educational experiences in school and/or college

  • extra educational support received

  • your perceived strengths and weaknesses in literacy and numeracy

  • how any difficulties have impacted on your life so far (e.g. I.E.P., qualifications, current employment, etc.)


The assessment process is very thorough and can last 3-4 hours. This time can be split into two or more sessions if the participant is unsettled or excessively fatigued.

The assessment takes place in the informal and comfortable environment of my home. I make the process as stress-free as possible, offering comfort and snack breaks as required. There is no 'pass' or 'fail' in this assessment, afterwards you will be contacted approximately 7-10 days later to attend our premises again and we will outline the concluding statements of the report and the recommended actions you should implement. 

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